Hairstyle Trends for Short Hair (42)

Considering going for the chop? Don't be afraid of the scissors. Changing your hair length can be a big step, but the right cute bob or pixie cut can transform your look for the better. Looking for hair inspiration? Discover the latest trends for short hair!
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  • Smooth short haircut with very short and steep graduation
  • Retro Hollywood look for short hair with curls
  • Modern pixie cut with elongated sideburns
  • Short hairstyle with longer forward lengths that frame the face
  • Short high volume hairstyle with blonde curls
  • Well-balanced circle cut with crisp curls
  • Modified wedge haircut with soft curls and maximum volume
  • Red hair cut into a chin length bob with textured ends
  • Short layered hairstyle with eyebrow-length side bangs
  • Wedge inspired haircut for shiny black hair with curls
  • Short hair with smooth styling and braiding
  • Sleek fringe-heavy hairstyle with textured ends
  • Punk hairstyle wkith leyers of hair and different colors
  • Extravagant bob with blunt cutting lines for purple hair
  • Steep A-line bob for hair with golden and copper color effects
  • Breathtaking short hairstyle with different colors and smooth lines
  • Meticulous bob cut with undercutting and an inward curve
  • Sleek raven black hair with blue and purple streaks
  • Slick blue black hair with a shiny surface that reflects the light
  • Spiky short hairdo with long textured bangs
  • Short blonde bob with softness and feathered bangs
  • Very short pixie cut with layers for red hair
  • Very short layered pixie cut with textured bangs
  • Modern version of a classic bowl cut
  • No-nonsense short hairstyle with texture for red hair
  • Androgynous short haircut with longer strands
  • Blonde bob with rounded edges and bangs that cover the eyes
  • Chin length bob with movement and hair that curves in by itself
  • Hair cut into a bob shape and layered throughout
  • more short hairstyles

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