Umbra by Sassoon

Daring hair colors
Sassoon's new masterpiece collection is named Umbra after the Latin word for "shadow". The inspiration for it came from the masters of light and shadow, the surrealist artists Man Ray and Salvador Dali.
Their incredible imagination and perfection of technique is at the foundation of the creations seen in this group of dramatic hairstyles with their dreamlike beauty and haunting presence.
Soft, almost liquid cuts define the form and a daring play of hair colors illuminates the creations with extravagant shades that even dip into the deep blue and fiery red for an effect that takes them out of the ordinary and into the surreal realm.

Naturally Refined

Effortless shoulder length hairstyle
Hair with a natural fall
Natural fall and extravagant details make this shoulder long hairstyle this irresistible. It appears so effortless, but every flip and every curve has a purpose in the design. The fringe follows the shape of her eyebrows, including the little dip it takes into the sides.
This shape makes her eyes the star and balances all of the movement that is in the sides. While the top is very sleek, volume builds up in the shallow waves on both sides. One edge is flipped outward, the other turned in to follow the same direction. Her hair color is a raven black with a blueish shine, that seems to reflect the color of her eyes.

Mushroom Cut in Blue

Short haircut with wedge shaped sides
Short black hair with blue streaks
A complete work of art is balanced in its composition and in relation with its surroundings. The short haircut is shaped following the lines of her body, with the curve of the neck continuing into the design of the wedge shaped sides. The soft angle brings all of the volume up to the length of her fringe, which sits at about half of her forehead.
The smooth shape reminds of the famous mushroom cuts of the 60s and has elements of vintage Sassoon. It exaggerates this form in size and also with the hair color. A black base really brings out the vibrancy of the electric blue streaks that are most dominant in the bangs and on one side.

Geometry in Red

Short hair with a smooth shape
Neat short style for red hair
If you are looking for a neat short hairstyle that is not of the ordinary kind, then this exciting manifestation of geometry and hair color could just be a winner. Sassoon's extraordinary hair cutting technique, honed by decades of creating the most beautiful and lasting hairstyles is evident in every inch of this impeccable look.
A super fine graduation around the lower perimeter from ear to neck assured a smooth shape with most of its rounded volume at about mid-length. The short fringe follows the curves of her eyebrows, but does not touch them. Light and dark shades of a shimmering red continue to define the shape in all of its amazing dimension.

Vintage Waves

Short hair with vintage finger waves
Short hair styled with softness
Fitting to the time of the surrealists, who inspired this collection, the design of this short hairstyle is rooted in the 1930s. Strongly developed finger waves define the structure of the short bob. A flamboyant look with an attitude of lavish luxury and timeless beauty.
The cut and styling are all about softness and a harmonious flow with well developed waves that are slightly separated. The black hair color is as timeless as the style itself.

Blonde Bob in Motion

Chin length tapered bob
Bobbed hair with lots of motion
Each of the silky strands moves with vivacious grace and brings life to the chin length, tapered bob. The cut is so perfectly tuned that the hair curves in all by itself and styling will be a breeze, just as this light summer wind that ruffles up the hair in this image.
With a generous fringe covering her eyes, the movement also has a practical aspect. Her dark golden blonde hair color gets a special boost from the intricate highlights.
Hair: Sassoon