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Keller haircompany

The aptly named "atmosphere" collection by the Keller haircompany brings us a breathtaking array of stunning hairstyles for men and women. The mood is earthy, strong and very sensual. Colors are of nature's palette and the shapes immediately get under our skin with their bold and determined lines, textures and untamed elegance.
  • hairdo with large curls
  • curls and heavy bangs
  • 80's curled look
  • fashionable shag cut
  • shag look
  • halo of spiky hair
  • tapered hair
  • sleek sporty hairstyle
  • strongly textured haircut
  • comb-over hairstyle for men
  • short back and sides haircut
  • shoulder length hair for men
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As always the Keller cuts are performed with the highest standards of artistic instinct and professional skills. Embracing and enhancing the individual features of each model the looks become versatile tools of self expression while being in perfect harmony with fashion trends that are here and that are yet to come.
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