Short Hair and Barrettes

Short hair with barrettes
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Q: Can barrettes work in short thick hair? How long does my hair have to be in order to wear barrettes? What barrettes will work best in short hair?
A: Barrettes are typically used to hold sections of the hair in a specific arrangement, such as away from the face, or gathered at the nape of the neck. Usually, the hair needs to be long enough to "hang" in order to need or use a barrette, but that can be as short as 3" in length, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.
When using barrettes in shorter hair, the barrettes by necessity need to be smaller, simply because the length of the hair means that not as much hair can be gathered to one location to be secured in the barrette. You need the smaller barrette to make sure that the hair will be held securely.
You may also want to look for barrettes that offer some sort of gripping mechanism - either teeth or perhaps a rubberized strip - to allow the hair to be held as securely as possible in the event that the locks of hair are thin. You should practice with a variety of barrettes and get a feel for the way they work with your particular hair type.
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