Vintage Shingle Bob Hairstyle

Vintage shingle bob haircut
Photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock
Q: Can you tell me how to create the vintage "shingle bob" look? Are the curls done with bobby pins? Thanks!
A: Well, in a truly vintage hairstyle, the curl of the hair was usually either a matter of the hair's natural wave or was created using the styling techniques common to the period. The "shingle bob" referred to a bob haircut that featured a bob cut to the occipital bone in back and tapered below this point to form a "V" at the nape of the neck.
The rest of the hair could be styled straight or curled and waved as desired. One of the common techniques was creating pin curls at the sides of the face. The hair was arranged in flat curls and pinned in place until the setting lotion dried.
Another technique for styling involved creating finger-waves. A setting lotion was applied to the hair, and the hair was arranged into a series of ridges and curves using the fingers and comb then allowed to dry and softened, creating a soft wavy style.
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