T Parting

Part hair
Photo: Alex Cherepanov/Shutterstock
Q: I am trying to use an anti-curling formula. Can you please tell me how to part hair into a T? I don't understand what it means by sectioning hair into T parting.
A: This is actually pretty simple when you stop and think of it. The reason the parting is called a "T parting" is because the parting lines form a "T" on the head.
Start by parting off the hair at the back of the head from one side to the other at a point approximately one inch behind the ears. As you face the mirror with your head tilted slightly forward, this will have created a horizontal line across the scalp.
Complete the "T" by then parting the hair on top of the head along a center line. The hair of the head should now be divided into three equal sections. Twist the hair up and secure the sections with a butterfly clip to keep the hair out of the way until you are ready to work with that particular section.
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