Help Bangs Flow to the Side

Short hair with bangs that flow to the side
Image: AI illustration
Q: I have a question about my bangs. I would like them to just flow to the side, but I don't know what product to use or how to style them to do this. Usually, the shortest parts of my bangs stick up and curl in different directions.
What product or styling tips do you have that will help my bangs just all flow to the side?

A: It sounds as though part of the problem may be that you need to "add some weight" to the bangs (fringe) in order to get them to hang more loosely. You also want to remove some of the curl inherent in them.
I recommend you start by shampooing and conditioning your hair with warm water and a moisture-rich, smooth and silky formula shampoo and conditioner. After toweling the hair dry, apply a smoothing serum (anti-frizz) and a spray-on, leave-in conditioner to the damp hair before blow-drying. Using a large, round brush, blow-dry the hair from scalp to ends to make the hair as straight as possible.
Once the hair is completely dry (at least in the bangs), lightly mist the bangs with hairspray, then use a flat iron to smooth them, pulling the bangs through the iron plates, in the direction you want them to flow. Be sure to allow the bangs to cool completely before re-brushing them to break the adhesion of the hairspray. Allowing the bangs to cool makes sure that the wave pattern will reform into the straight pattern you desire.
This should help you achieve the style you are looking for. If you need some added "hold" use another light mist of hairspray, or a little pomade to smooth and direct the hair.
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