Disguise Badly Cut Bangs

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Q: My 5-year-old daughter decided to cut my 3-year-old daughter's bangs. She cut about 3/4 of it up to her hairline. It is now about an inch long and left a chunk on the left side alone. Should I just cut the section she left too and just wait for it all to grow back out? How long does it usually take for the bangs to grow back out to a decent looking length after a kid does this?
My big concern is we will have Christmas pictures to take in about 6 weeks and I am worried that her bangs will still be way too short for her hair to look nice in her picture. Any advice would be great. Oh and we are leaving on vacation next week and I was wondering if you have any advice on how to disguise her bangs so they aren't noticeable or at least don't look as bad.

A: Well, the first thing I would do is remind your 5-year-old that she needs a license from the state board to legally be able to cut hair.
Seriously though, this is a common occurrence (for a child to cut their own or a sibling's hair) and generally has to be taken with a lump of sugar and a hard swallow. The good news is it will grow back.
The bad news is it will take some time to grow. Human hair (on the head) grows at a rate of approximately one-half inch per month. If the bangs are currently at one inch long, and you have six weeks before pictures are to be taken, you can expect between three-quarters and another inch of growth before photo time.
While the hair is growing back, the best bet for coping is to camouflage the too-short bangs using headbands and scarves tied around the head. You can put a product (gel, mousse, setting lotion) in the hair and comb it back from the forehead.
After the hair is styled back from the face, put on the headband and position it just behind the front hairline so that it holds down the shortened bangs. Alternately you can use a long and thin scarf and wrap it around the head and tie it off into a bow at the top of the head.
The headbands and scarves can be matched to the outfit being worn and can be very festive or plan as desired for the specific occasion. In addition, try doing something to the remaining hair to draw the eye away from the cut area, such as rolling the hair in back if long enough to create a mop of curls.
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