Curl the Ends of Hair Outward

Hair styled with the ends curled outward
Photo: Gorbelabda/Shutterstock
Q: Hi, I just got my hair cut to my shoulders a month ago. I started to curl the ends of my hair outward. Now a month has passed, I'm still curling it outward but by the time I get into work in the morning it is completely FLAT. How can I keep that curl all day?
A: One of the things I generally recommend for people who need longer lasting hold in their style is "layering" products.
Start by applying styling gel to your towel-dried hair prior to blow-drying and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it evenly through the hair. Once the hair has been blown completely dry, mist the hair in the areas to be curled with hairspray and allow it to dry then use the curling iron as you normally would to style your hair.
After the hair as been curled and the curls have been allowed to cool and set, mist them again with hairspray for added hold and allow that spray to dry. You can then use a brush to soften the finished look and finalize the style. Feel free to spray the hair lightly again to set the finished style.
This will result in product build-up on the hair with time, so be sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove the built-up product residue on the hair.
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