Interlocking Hair Combs

Interlocking hair combs
Q: Can you help me find plastic interlocking combs?
A: This turned out to be a slightly harder request than anticipated. While there are literally dozens of hair accessories manufacturers, most retailing outlets rarely carry more than a few different manufacturers' products.
And even the largest department stores, beauty suppliers or drug stores can only spare room for a limited selection of a maker's products. As a result, the availability of a particular hair accessory can be dependent upon whether or not the retailer was lucky enough to get a particular item in as part of the maker's shipment.
I did some online research for interlocking hair combs and managed to find a source for purchasing the product in question. Even the most specific search request (for "Hair Accessories Interlocking Combs") returned hundreds of links which were not what was wanted.
The reason for this is that interlocking combs are a very useful hair tool in that it provides a very secure hold to the hair. The teeth of the combs are spaced so as to enable them to slip in between one another and grip while holding onto the hair as well. Because they hold so securely, they have become commonly used as a means of securing hairpieces and hair extensions and are built-in to most of today's hair extension pieces and wigs.
As for finding just the interlocking combs themselves, I can only recommend that you either check out the link above, or look for all the beauty supply stores in your area and visit their accessories' sections. One of them is bound to have what you're looking for.
You might also consider giving these locations a phone call and ask if they have interlocking hair combs to save you both time and gas, rather than having to drive all over the place.
You should also make it a practice to take a few moments to visit the hair accessories sections of any grocery store, drug store, and department store you happen to be in at a given time. Since much of the available selection is a matter of "luck of the draw", you'll increase your odds of getting "lucky" and finding what you want.
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