Helmet Hair Tips

Woman wearing a helmet
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Q: I just recently started riding a motorcycle and am learning all about "helmet hair." I have moderately thick, shoulder length hair that I wear in a bob. I wear bangs, and my hair is not layered.
Could you recommend some tips or a style that might look okay after wearing a helmet for a couple of hours? Thanks for your help!

A: As it happens, I have a few clients who are motorcycle enthusiasts, and "helmet hair" is a common complaint among them. They have resolved the issue in a couple of different ways, each according to his or her personal preferences.
One uses "do-rags" to secure her hair on top of her head before donning her helmet. She simply winds her hair up into a twist beneath the "do-rag" and after the ride shakes her hair loose and runs a wide-tooth comb through it.
Another option used is to braid the hair in a French Braid style beneath the helmet. The only drawback is that after a long ride, when you take the hair down, you end up with waves in the hair from the braiding which may or may not be a look you are happy with.
One thing that is important, especially if you have long hair, is to keep the hair from being blown about and buffeted in the wind. Some people think that simply securing the hair into a ponytail is sufficient when riding, but if the tail is left to blow in the wake of the bike you will end up with a knotted mess at the end of the ride.
The rough treatment will result in frizz, tangles and breakage and pretty soon you'll have to cut your hair to remove the damaged portions. It's better to keep the hair completely covered and healthy.
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