Spiral Perm Wrapping Instructions

Spiral perm rod
Q: Hi. My auntie is a hairdresser and recently she said she would give me a spiral perm if I acquired the rollers and such. My hair supply house sold me the rollers and they are not the usual rollers I am used to seeing.
Instead of a long plastic barrel that you wind around to connect into the other end, these are blue plastic with a spiral "groove" set into them and a clippy thing that holds it in the hair. I have looked all over the net for directions on wrapping and can find none. Can you help?

A: These are typically wrapped in the spiral method using square sections/slices of hair with the hair wound up to the scalp and the "clippy part" used to anchor the hair slice and hold the rod in place. The hair is wound between the dividers (in the channel created there) and the idea is to create very defined spiraling.
These rods, like the ones you are accustomed to are sometimes left to "hang" in the hair and are rarely wound to be snug against the scalp, since the purpose if to create a spiraling curl as opposed to curl and volume (lift) in the hair.
The big difference you may encounter is the need to use smaller-sized sections. In addition, the sections will need to be more square in shape as opposed to the traditional rectangular slices. If your hair is longer than the rod will accommodate, you may need to use a piggyback technique to wrap the extra length. I'm sure your auntie can manage to do that for you.
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