Hair in His Eyes

Man with long hair
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Q: Hello, I have medium long hair. It ends about an inch under my nose, and I want to ask you if there were any methods to hold them together because it is kind of hard to study with hair in my eyes. I'm a man, so I would like to avoid the diadem and maybe use some piece of string or something.
A: Interestingly enough, since men's hairstyles (specifically those of young men) are getting longer again, this is becoming more of an issue.
However, the hair care and beauty industry hasn't really addressed this potential market. The best you will find tends to be neutral-colored clips and barrettes which aren't so visible in the hair (depending, of course, on the color of your hair).
Several years ago, when men’s styles were in a long trend as well, I had a co-worker whose hair was the length you describe, cut in a mop-top (bowl cut) style. Because his job involved bending over office equipment and machinery all day, he often found that his hair got in the way.
He found two solutions to the problem: first, and most often, he would gather his hair, starting at the temples and pull it all back to the crown of his head and secure it with an elastic band (ponytail holder) into a small “top knot” ponytail that lay flat against his head.
At other times, he would use his sunglasses as a ‘headband’ to hold the hair back from his face by pushing the glasses up onto his head (and the hair along with them). He commented that he generally preferred this solution for esthetic reasons, but that he often misplaced or forgot his sunglasses when he used them in this manner.
If neither of these seem like suitable options for you, perhaps you could consider getting a skull cap/beanie cap – which have become very popular – and using it to control your hair when studying or whenever you want to keep it out of the way. These items are being made from much lighter material than the traditional wool and synthetic knits from my childhood.
I have seen them available online made from black, 100% cotton, ribbed jersey material. They are lightweight and would be less likely to cause your head to overheat when you need to wear them indoors. Other cap styles may also fit your personality better and serve the same purpose.
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