Pin Straight Hair

Long hair with a shiny liquid appearance
Photo: Victoria Shapiro/Shutterstock
Q: I often see girls with shiny, pin straight hair. It's full of motion and has an almost liquid appearance. How can I get glossy pin straight hair? What products and styling tools will I need? My hair is already straight, but I want it to be super straight with maximum shine.
A: The two tools that you need most of all for super-straight hair are a good flat iron, and a quality protective product. However, there are some others tips and tricks that will give added "oomph" to the look:
First, start with clean, DRY hair. It is of utmost importance that the hair be completely dry before you apply a flat iron to it. You will want to have applied your protective products prior to the drying process, but make sure that the hair is fully dry before proceeding.
Next: Use clips and section the hair up so that you are only working with a small area of the hair at a time. It's generally best to begin along the lower perimeter and work your way up along the scalp.
Work with the right size of hair slice for your tool. The slice being passed through the iron should be half as thick as the width of the heating plates, and a little less wide than the length of the heating plates. Close the iron onto the hair slice and move the iron downward in a smooth a motion as you can manage. Avoid leaving the iron in one place for any length of time to avoid scorching or singeing the hair.
Allow the hair to cool completely after passing it through an iron before you comb through it again. Allowing the hair to cool sets the straight configuration of the hair and helps keep the look sleek.
Once all the hair has been ironed, you can enhance the shine of the hair using a spray laminator. However, be sure to hold the spray nozzle well away and above the hair, allowing the mist to fall onto the hair. Let it fully absorb and dry slightly before you brush through the hair to distribute the oils.
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