Gentle Wave Hairstyle

Wavy hair
Photo: Stockshakir/Shutterstock
Q: This is what I am kind of looking for... If you can, could you give me tips on how to curl it without getting a perm? Thanks again.
A: The style shown here has only a gentle wave to it which means that it only needs a small amount of "curl". The best way to achieve this is via blow-dry styling using a round brush.
By rotating the brush as you pass it through the hair, you can create long, sweeping waves in the style. If you aren't used to blow-dry styling with a round brush, it will take you a little while to master the technique, but be persistent. Remember, practice makes perfect.
If, however, you prefer a slightly easier method for styling the hair, you can use extra-large rollers or an extra-large-barreled curling iron to create large curls which can then be brushed out to leave the soft curves you want for the style.
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