Hair Crease after a Ponytail

Hair in a ponytail
Photo: Iofoto/Shutterstock
Q: Whenever I wear my hair in a ponytail, there's an annoying crease in it afterward. How can I avoid this crease or fix it without washing my hair?
A: Well, the crease you mention is caused by the same principles that allow you to curl the hair with rollers or a curling iron.
The hair is pulled taut against the scalp and the heat from the head combines with holding the hair at a bent angle and means that the bend it heat set.
Fortunately, removing such a bend can usually be accomplished by applying a little tension combined with additional heat (such as a warm flat iron), or simply by misting the affected hair with water and running a comb through it to loosen the bend.
If you opt for the spray/mist method, I recommend using a leave-in conditioner, so that you can be sure to keep the hair healthy and smooth the cuticle of any roughing that may have occurred as a result of using a ponytail elastic.
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