How To French Plait Your Fringe

Blonde hair with a braided fringe area
Photo: Shy/Shutterstock
Q: How can I French plait my fringe? Is it possible to braid my own bangs or should I leave it to a professional?
A: The French plait along the fringe area is a look that's been popping up all over the place from time to time. Getting the technique mastered takes some practice but is simple in its essence.
The key is to separate the area you want plaited. For most women this includes the forward half of the top section and one or both sides in front of the ear draw the rest of the hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.
Choosing a starting point, take a segment of the hair the width of the section and divide it into three segments. Begin as you would do a standard braid, but with each new cross-over move take a slice from either side of the section to keep the hair segments a consistent thickness.
Try to center the plait down the middle of the section and continue across the head and down the side. When you can no longer keep the plait taut against the scalp, finish off the braid and tuck the end behind an ear. If you wish, you can make a small French plait on the opposite side, to tuck behind the ear there as well, or you can simply take that section and smooth it behind the ear.
If you're having a hard time getting the hang of this look, you might ask your stylist to tutor you in it. If there's a cosmetology school in your area, you might even look into whether they offer services to the public. The students can help you learn the techniques, and you can provide them with much needed practice, and you get your hair done for a nominal fee.
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