Bouncy Curls Created with a Flat Iron

Curls created with a flat iron
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Q: Hopefully, you can answer this question! Recently, a stylist was able to create bouncy curls with my long waist-length hair with a flat iron! I tried to imitate her skill at home with my own straightener with no luck - it looked like my strands had elbows in it.
I'm guessing that the tool the lady used was a flat iron and curler in one, and the heating elements were on all surfaces. Where could I find one and what is a reasonable price range for this product?

A: The best way to find out where to get the tool your stylist used would be to contact the stylist and simply ask her what model of iron she used, and where she purchased it. I would be very surprised to learn that she would refuse to give you that information.
However, if for some reason you are unable to contact the stylist who created the style for you before, there are a number of combination irons available on the market today at a wide range of prices (between US $30 and US $200). The differences depend on the maker and the product itself and the features offered.
Your best bet is to either visit your local beauty supply store and look for the product, or do a search on the internet for "straightening and curling iron" and check the varied results for a product that looks similar to the one your stylist used.
Even with these options, you do need to consider the possibility that the results achieved were because of the technique used with the iron as opposed to the iron itself. Flat irons can be used to create waves in the hair by passing the locks of hair through the iron with the iron angled, in much the same way as you would use scissors to curl ribbon.
These more-advanced techniques often require a great deal of practice and can be difficult to perform oneself, especially with such long hair. It may be something you would need to enlist the assistance of someone else to achieve.
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