Flipped Out Ends

Short just below the ears hair for women
Photo: Djomas/Shutterstock
Q: Hi, I recently got my hair cut, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. It is now an inch below my ears with some layering and left side swept bangs.
I would like to do a flip to the ends of my hair while giving it a chunky look. I could really use some step by step advice on how to do this. Thank you.

A: The easiest way to give your hair flipped out ends is to use a large-barrel curling iron and simply curl the hair outward in segments. You can ensure extra hold in the styling by applying styling gel to your towel-dried hair and then blow drying the hair. You can also use a round brush while blow-drying the hair to turn the hair outward.
If you use the curling iron option, be sure to spray the hair with hairspray before you curl the hair. Use the iron to create the outward curves in the hair then allow the hair to cool completely before further styling. Once the curves are cool, you can use your round brush to break up the curves.
You can then finish the style and add definition to the outward curves using a pomade on the tips of the fingers and pinching the tips of the curves to create points.
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