Keep High Ponytail Up

High ponytail
Photo: Karyna Che/Shutterstock
Q: How can I keep my high ponytail up all day long? It is always falling out after a couple of hours. I'm looking for a solution that doesn't damage my hair. It took me years to grow it this long!
A: One tip that will help making your ponytail style last longer is to use a firm hold styling gel on the hair while it's damp and then comb it back smoothly into the ponytail style. This will give the hair the ability to adhere to itself better and allow the style to be more stable.
If this isn't enough stability for you, you should consider doing a compound ponytail. In this instance, you separate the hair so that you can create an initial ponytail in the specific position you want.
Once the base ponytail is in place, you then bring the remaining hair around the first tail and secure another holder on the combined tails. This will provide additional stability to the hairstyle, and provided you don't wind either of the ponytail holders too tightly around the hair, should avoid damaging the hair.
As an alternative, some people opt to take the hair of the inner portion of the style and braid it into a single plait and then wind it against the scalp to form the base of the style. The braid is secured against the scalp with hairpins, and the remaining hair is pulled over the base and secured into a ponytail.
This will mean that the tail is smaller than it would otherwise be, but as it is smaller it would be lighter in weight and likely be better able to stand up to a daylong wear.
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