Curl Hair at the Back of Your Head

Curl hair at the back of your head
Photo: Sasa Prudkov/Shutterstock
Q: Any tips on how I can curl the hair at the back of my head using curling tongs? When I try, I only manage to get the ends curled.
A: Actually, the only thing that will help in this situation is practice. Depending on the length of your hair, winding the hair at the nape of the neck or back of the head onto a curling iron can be a test of your flexibility.
That being said, one trick that may make things easier for you is to use your tail comb while winding the hair around your curling iron. If you insert the tail of the comb into the curl as you wind the hair on the rod, you can slip the comb out and more easily slide the curl off the iron.
Using the comb also gives you a little better reach when working in those harder to reach areas. You may also want to section the hair to make the hair easier to control by keeping the hair you aren't working with out of the way.
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