Bangs with Volume

Long brown hair with bangs
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Q: I have wavy/curly hair and bangs. For a while I'd been straightening them, and then using a curling iron to give them a bit of a poof out because I don't like the look of flat bangs. But I live in a humid country and I instantly wind up with a sweaty forehead and curly bangs. This is not the look I want. It curls right up to my hairline. So I decided to use a relaxer and then use my curling iron to curl it out.
At least this way, if I sweat and lose the poof, it's straight and not curly. But my problem now is that the curl falls out instantly because of my now relaxed hair. Is there any product you can recommend, or a way of going about this? I love my bangs, and I want to keep them, but it's really a hassle. I'm a student, and I don't have time in the morning to try and retry to do my bangs.

A: Depending on the type of relaxer you used, there are a limited number of options for this situation.
From the results you describe, it sounds as though you used a hydroxide-based relaxer. If this is the case, then you have permanently broken the chemical side bonds in the hair of your bangs and will need to wait until the relaxed hair grows out before trying any further chemical services for this problem.
The easiest solution I can offer is to "wet-set" your bangs each night before you go to bed. You can obtain spongy "comfort" rollers from most any grocery or drug store that can be worn to sleep. Simply dampen the bangs with water and styling product, wrap them around the rollers and allow them to dry as you sleep. In the morning you should be able to brush them out and get the volume you want.
The product you would use depends on the amount of hold you want, and the firmness of curl you desire. A setting lotion or styling mousse will give a softer looking curl and moderate amount of hold, while a styling gel will create firm, long-lasting curls.
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