Micro Loop & Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro link hair extensions
Photo: Sixsmith/Shutterstock
Q: Is it true that it's easy to apply micro loop hair extensions? How does it work? Is it the same as micro link extensions?
A: Microloop and Microlink hair extensions are indeed the same thing.
The terms refer to a relatively new attachment mechanism for hair extensions that involves a cylindrical base from which a strand of hair extensions hangs. This strand also includes a slim plastic loop that is used to guide the natural hair upon which the extension will be secured through the cylindrical base.
The individual applying the extensions determines the pattern for application and parts the hair in a horizontal line clipping the hair above this line out of the way. A thin strand of the recipient's hair is gathered from a point along the lower half of the part and fed through the loop at the top of the extension.
The bottom ends of the plastic loop are then pulled downward, drawing the recipient's hair strand through the connector and the connector is slid upward toward the scalp.
The connector is positioned near enough to the scalp to provide natural looking results without putting added stress on the hair at the scalp area (aside from the weight of the extension hair). Once in place, the connector is crimped onto the recipient's hair strand securing the extension in place. This process is repeated until the desired number of extensions are applied to give the results that are wanted.
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