Shampoos for Hair Extensions

Shampooing hair
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Q: Do you have specific shampoos you suggest for real hair extensions? I have a little gray starting to come in. I've never colored my hair and am a pretty low-tech person when it comes to my hair. I am going for extensions as my friend is launching her own business after doing them for a famous stylist for years.
I am supporting her and very excited to have the experience. I live in Seattle, so I don't have to worry about summer weather for a while, but I didn't realize it's not suggested to go into pools without a bathing cap? I find this interesting. Thank you for the site. And I look forward to hearing from you.

A: For a "generic" suggestion of a shampoo for use with real hair extensions, I would recommend looking for a shampoo that has a balanced pH level, one that is between 5 and 7 ideally.
The goal is a shampoo that is gentle on the extensions. If seeking out the specific pH levels of your shampoo options seems like a daunting task, at least choose one that is specified for chemically treated hair. The processing that natural hair goes through to be used for extensions qualifies it as chemically treated for certain.
However, I want to offer a word of caution. While you are going to be getting your extensions to patronize your friend, others who may be reading this should be aware that when they get extensions from a salon or stylist, the "warranty" for their extensions may be contingent on using products specified by the salon/stylist and following specific care instructions.
In fact, there may be warranty limitations on the extensions themselves that require that the extensions be treated with certain products and you should follow the advice of your friend in that regard as well.
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