Hair Extensions and Heat Protection

Taking care of hair extensions
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Q: Can I use heat protection lotion on hair extensions?
A: The answer to that question depends entirely on the kind of extensions you have and the application method used to place them.
High-quality (and high-cost) hair extensions that are made from human hair and are meant to be restyled as desired by the wearer probably should have an application of heat-protecting lotion before being subjected to the stresses of blow-drying or styling irons.
Some hair extensions are not intended to be restyled. These are usually temporary or short-term use extensions that are designed as accent pieces and hair fashion accessories. These may be made from human hair, but are typically processed and treated for uniformity and longevity of styling.
The assumption here is that you are referring to professionally applied hair extensions. In this case, you MUST follow the care instructions provided when your stylist placed the extensions. This may include – but is not limited to – using the products recommended by your stylist.
In many cases, failure to use the recommended product invalidates any claim you may make regarding the quality or longevity of the extensions. In other words, if you don't do what your stylist says, you forfeit the right to complain if your extensions look bad. Failure to do as recommended or use recommended products (including specific salon brands) can void any guarantee offered on the extension-application service.
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