Extensions for Bangs

Hair extensions for longer bangs
Photo: Silvia Cozzi/Getty Images/Canva
Q: I don't like my bangs. Can extensions work just to lengthen my bangs?
A: Actually, hair extensions are great for even simple things like enhancing the bangs. In fact, there are specialty extension products designed for use as "fringe or bangs extensions" in colors ranging from the natural spectrum to fashionable effects. One example of such products is shown here.
You do want to keep in mind, however, that in order to get the best results from extensions used in the bangs area you need to incorporate your own bangs so that you can mask the appearance of the attachment method.
Some varieties use narrow wefts that are clipped into place, while others may have longer wefts that are sewn or glued to tracks (slender, cornrow braids) that are created from your natural hair.
Furthermore, think carefully about the results you want: How long do you want the extensions to stay in place? Do you want to add color or just match your natural hues?
The answers to these questions will determine the precise installation techniques you should use and likely as not impact the cost of such extensions (including charge for having them applied). With some careful investigation, you should be able to find something perfect for your budget.
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