Apply Hair Extensions

Application of hair extensions
Photo: Dimid 86/Shutterstock
Q: How long does it take to apply hair extensions?
A: That depends on the method of application for the extensions. In cases where you are using wefts of hair that are to be glued in place, you can have a full head of hair extensions in place within 30 to 45 minutes.
Other methods take longer, such as the track and sew method (where a segment of hair is braided into a track, to which wefts of hair are sewn in place) up to the fusion method (where a small number of strands of extension hair is attached to a few strands of natural hair using a small amount of adhesive and a fusion tool to bond the hair together) which can take several hours and may be broken into multiple sessions.
As you may expect, the simpler application methods are generally the least expensive, but also have a greater risk of being spotted as artificial, and need more frequent maintenance. The fusion method, while greatly more expensive, requires less maintenance and offers greater flexibility in styling and much more natural-looking results.
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