Extensions for Undercut Hair

Woman with undercut hair
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Q: So I got an undercut... I branched out for the first time ever and got an undercut. Its from the nape of my neck to mid ear. Needless to say I did not think this through enough. I just don't really like how it looks on me, and that's fine. Live and learn.
My question for you is if it is possible to have extensions put in around the nape of my neck that would enable me to wear my hair in a ponytail for work but still hide the undercut. Also, what length does the shaved part need to be before I could get extensions? Thanks for your help!

A: I’m really impressed with your live and learn attitude towards the undercut experience. This is actually a very common problem for women who decide to get an undercut and only realize after they’ve done it, that it was probably not their best idea ever. The undercut looks really cool in hairdressing magazines and in fashion shows or in movies. But it can be tricky to maintain and style, especially for the office or formal events.
Your hair will have to grow at least two to three inches in length before you can attempt having extensions put in. If you have extensions put in with hair that short (2-3 inches), you’ll have to go to a salon that specializes in micro-ring or keratin-bonded extensions. The micro-ring extensions is a technique where the hair extension is attached to your own hair by clamping a small micro-ring to a grouping of stands of your own hair, together with the hair extension.
The keratin-bonded extensions are a technique where the hair extensions are literally glued to your hair by warming up a keratin-blend, and then attaching the hair extension to your own hair. Your stylist can advise you what technique she prefers, and which will work best in your situation. There are also tape-in extensions, but these are usually used when the hair is already quite long.
So you’ll have to wait a few months for your hair to grow out enough to have extensions put in.
Another option is to opt for clip in extensions. You can get a thick one-piece clip in, or a set of 12 pieces which you insert in the whole of your head. Clip in extensions have become very popular in the past few years and cost a fraction of the price of salon conventional extensions that have to be put in by a qualified stylist. The clip-in is literally a weft of hair with hair-clips attached to its top edge. You can insert this extension just above the area that has been shaved, to disguise the undercut until it grows out or grows out enough that you can have the micro-ring or keratin-bonded extensions put in.
If you do go with the clip in extensions, go to your hairdresser and ask her to layer the extensions so that it blends well with your own hair. You can also ask them to color, highlight or lowlight the clip-in extension if you can’t find a color that looks exactly like your own hair. You’ll have to wear your hair loose or in a low ponytail or braid though, because the shaved part will obviously still show when you lift the clip-in extension up.
The clip-in extensions could work really well as a semi or short term solution, and it is easy to use and very easy to buy. Google “Clip-in hair extensions” and you’ll get a whole array of manufacturers and retail agents. You can also go to your hairdresser and ask her to order the extensions for you.
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