Blend in Hair Extensions

Long hair with extensions
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Q: If you already have long hair, is it possible to still wear longer hair extensions? When I bought some last time you could see the natural length of my hair and they didn't blend in at all, but they weren't real hair.
So, I am going to buy human hair extensions soon, but I don't want to buy them and waste my money if they aren't going to blend in either. What do you suggest?

A: In cases like this, quality counts. You need to be working with someone who can help you select hair that actually blends with your own hair. By this, I mean finding hair extensions of a similar texture and wave (as well as color) to your own hair.
Some synthetic extension hair and other "natural hair" fibers can be used in certain cases with specific hair types and textures, and can look very good and very natural, but with European hair types, you often find that unless the hair extensions are also from European Human hair stock, the extensions are going to be noticeable.
The four factors that are going to come into play are:
1. Skill of the stylist performing the service
2. Quality of the product being used
3. Client After Care
4. Type of Service being Used
The first three of these are equally important. A good stylist can make a lesser quality product work well and look good, but a good quality product will usually give the longest lasting and best looking results. While the client MUST perform the proper care and maintenance or the extensions won't last and will look bad very quickly.
The type of service is generally determined based on the look desired and the budget of the client and is dependent on the first three factors to determine the ultimate results.
I recommend that you visit a salon that specializes in hair extensions and discuss the options available to you so that you can determine what is within your budget. You may even be able to find a stylist who will work with you and allow you to save money by finding and purchasing product yourself for him or her to use as opposed to buying through the salon.
The bottom line is you're going to have to do your homework. You are not only going to have to research what the best quality extensions you can afford are, but you will have to learn the proper care methods to keep the extensions looking good after you've had them added.
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