Extensions and Dyeing Hair

Choosing a new hair color in a salon
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Q: I just got extensions put in my hair, and I need to dye my real hair. Can I do this or will my hair dresser say she can't do it because of my hair extensions?
A: This will depend on the type of extensions you have and whether or not they can receive chemical processing. Many extensions made with human hair can easily be re-colored to match and blend with the individual's natural hair.
However, other extensions, especially those made from synthetic fibers or made with heavily processed human hair or animal hair cannot be exposed to further chemical processing safely.
There is also the concern of reactions between the hair color formula and the bonding agent used in the extensions. This is less of a concern with woven extensions.
I cannot possibly tell you what your hair dresser will say regarding the extensions. Some hairdressers are not comfortable performing color or perm services over extensions, because they are not familiar with the techniques and don't want to risk damaging what is usually an expensive process.
Your best bet is to return to the salon and/or stylist where you had your extensions applied and either have the stylist there advise you or refer you to someone who can do the color service you need.
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