Dye Hair Extensions

Colored locks of hair
Photo: Depositphotos
Q: I was wondering if it is possible to dye single extensions. My friend's sister would like me to dye her hair, but I am afraid of damaging her extensions. Is it bad to dye them a completely different color?
A: Human hair extensions can generally be treated just like the person’s natural hair – with obvious exceptions.
In fact, many hair extension brands use this as an advertising point. The hair extensions are meant to be used to blend in with the natural hair and typically must be able to be dyed in order to accurately match many natural hair colors.
You will want to obviously avoid very harsh chemical processes – namely bleaching the hair extensions. Usually, deposit-only color is a safe choice and shouldn’t have any negative effect on the extensions.
However, to be safe, be sure to research the type of extensions and the adhesion method used in your friend’s sister’s extensions and look for any information about coloring conflicts and restrictions caused by the bonding agent used.
Furthermore, you should also perform strand tests on the hair to make sure you are aware of how the hair will respond to the color. This can help you to know better about processing times and the hair’s level of possible resistance to the color being used.
A little advanced testing and caution can prevent a lot of headaches and heartaches.
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