Extensions & A Special Brush

Brushing hair extensions
Photo: Nadyatess/Shutterstock
Q: Some of my hair broke off after an unfortunate highlighting and I need a few extensions to fill in the missing spot. What is the best form of application, keratin bonds, glue?
A salon also asked that I buy a special brush to use on the extensions. Is this necessary or needed?

A: Well, if you can afford it, the fusion method (with keratin bonds) is the most natural-looking and longest lasting method of applying extensions. The cost is going to depend largely on the number of extensions you need applied.
As to the recommendation of purchasing a special brush to use with your extensions, if your stylist (or extensions specialist) offers you a valid reason for using a special tool on the extensions, I would simply chalk it up to needing the right equipment to maintain my style.
Even if there isn't a valid reason that you can see for buying the special brush, you may want to do so anyway so that you don't invalidate your right to expect a corrective service or refund, should something prove faulty in the extensions service.
In other words, if the extensions start falling out on their own, you don't want the salon to be able to come back at you and claim that it is because you didn't use the right type of brush on your extensions even though you were advised to do so.
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