Starting Hair Length for Extensions

Put in hair extensions
Photo: Dimid 86/Shutterstock
Q: I would like to know how long hair has to be for a person to have extensions put in it.
A: The answer depends on the type of hair extensions you are looking to have placed. The requested starting length for the natural hair can range from one inch to as much as 4-5 inches depending on the type of extension procedure and the individual stylist.
For example: I have seen stylists performing the same "loc method" extension service. One requires clients have at least 3-4 inches of hair to start, while another claims she can apply the extensions to hair that is as short as 1 inch long.
Some methods of extensions will require your hair to be longer than others, and the length of your hair at the start can affect the look of your results after the fact.
The shorter your hair is before extensions, the more likely you will need to have the hair blended with layers to avoid the extensions being obvious. Before you select a stylist to perform the extensions, ask specifically about seeing photos showing before and after images of clients who had hair the length of yours before their extension service. This will give you a better idea of the stylist's skill and what you can realistically expect as your results.
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