Remove Glued Hair Extensions

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Q: I have just arrived home from Bali where I had human hair extensions glued to my hair. How do I get these out? A little water was used then hot tool to mould together. Please help. I am desperate to get them out of my hair.
A: Ok, you need to find out the exact type of extensions that were used and the product used to glue them into your hair.
Once you've done this, go to a reliable salon that works with extensions and tell them what was used and that you want the extensions removed. You do not want to try just anything to remove what sound like fusion extensions as this could seriously damage the hair.
I wish I could tell you more, but without knowing the specifics of what was used, you need to see someone who can assess your hair in person, preferably after you've gotten the necessary information on what the product was called.
Some fusion methods use vegetable based glue, while others use a keratin-based adhesive, and others still use different formulas. Some of these methods require specific solvents to break the bonding.
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