Hair Extensions & the Pool or Beach

Wearing hair extensions at the baech
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Q: Hi. I've had hair extensions to go on holiday with but stupidly forgot to ask my hairdresser questions about the pool and the beach.
Can I go in a chlorinated or a salt water pool and in the sea with my hair extensions? I have had my extensions glued in using something called the Racoon method.

A: Racoon Extensions are a brand name for a specific line of extensions and hair bonding products rather than a method of application. In most cases, you should be fine to go in the pool and even the ocean with your extensions, but be aware that you will want to be very careful with your extensions once you come out of the water. Rinse the hair thoroughly (following all the instructions on doing so given you by your stylist).
I also recommend that you use the after-care products designed for your particular type of extensions (sold at the salon). In many cases, salons will refuse to guarantee hair extensions if you do not use their products. The last thing you want is for the extensions not to last as promised and suddenly find that the hairstyle you paid so much money to get is now unattractive.
In order to protect yourself fully, I would suggest that you at least telephone the salon and stylist who performed your service and discuss with them any rules they have for care of your extensions. While the extensions should be fine when worn while swimming in a pool or the ocean, your salon may have stricter guidelines in order to maintain your eligibility for warranty if the extensions begin to go bad.
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