Temporary Hair Extensions

Temporary hair extensions
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Q: How do temporary hair extensions work? Can I place them and remove them by myself at home or will I need help?
A: The type of hair extension called "Temporary" hair extensions are generally of the clip-in variety (or similarly simple attachment method) and can usually be placed and removed by the wearer much in the way barrettes and other hair accessories are used.
Depending on the specific type of extension you are using, the added hair can be used to give your hair increased fullness, additional length, or create quick dramatic effects.
One of the newer versions of "temporary" extensions are those that have wefts of varying widths with clips that anchor the hair in place on either end of the weft. To place these extensions, the user parts the hair where she intends to place the weft, then clips one end of the weft in place, then anchors the other end allowing the seam to lie along the part in the hair. The natural hair is then redirected over the weft and combed carefully to blend the hair together.
Temporary hair extensions won't stand up to a lot of additional manipulation after they are in place, so you need to consider carefully how you want to use them. Try to think of them more as accessories than you might the longer-lasting extension types.
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