Hair Extensions Q&A (2)

Blonde hair with extensions
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Is it usual to apply hair extensions using a laser?
I used canola oil to remove hair extensions. How can I get the oil out of my hair?
I've heard there's a bee wax based hair glue that is highly heat resistant. What glue type is it?
My hair extensions are extremely visible. What can I do?
My hair extensions have completely tangled up together leaving a huge bulge.
My hair feels thinner since I took my extensions out.
My hair is curly. Is it possible to get straight extensions?
The hair of my extensions gathers up. What should I do?
What are tape hair extensions and how much does it cost?
What are the best hair extensions to get?
What are the care requirements for Toyokalon extension hair?
What are thermofiber hair extensions?
What is hair netting and what is it good for?
What is remy hair?
What is so special about cold fusion hair extensions?
What is the estimate of how many hair extension strands you lose per week?
What is the best type of product to apply to a weave to avoid drying it out when you flat iron?
What is yak hair?
What should I do with my extensions when I swim? Are braids an option?
What type of hair extensions are the cheapest but are human hair?
When the hair is pulled up, are sewn-in hair extensions visible?
When you have extensions, does your hair still grow?
Where can I find short highlight extensions for short thinning hair?
Where do human hair extensions come from?
Why am I not allowed to color this type of hair extensions?
Why do some celebrities cut their hair extensions so fast?
Why would extensions be placed on a head if they could not be washed?
Will hair extensions make me go bald?
Will hair extensions make your hair grow slower?
Will hair extensions work with permed hair?
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