Curl & Straighten Fiber Hair Extensions

Curled extensions hair
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Q: Can I curl or straighten fiber hair extensions?
A: Generally speaking, yes, you can curl and straighten fiber hair extensions - DEPENDING on what type of fibers are used in the extensions. Hair extensions made using natural fibers (usually animal hair) are styled in the same ways as normal hair would be styled.
However, there are newer products available using synthetic fiber hair extensions that cannot be styled using wet setting, and are only curled using heating and cooling of the fibers. These extensions must be handled carefully according to manufacturer's instructions.
In order to know exactly what can and cannot be accomplished with the hair extensions you intend to have placed in your hair, you need to discuss it carefully with the stylist who will perform the process for you. Be sure to ask if there are specific products you should use, and if there are specific limits to what you can and cannot do to or with the hair extensions.
Be careful to follow the stylist's instructions carefully. You run the risk of ruining the hair extensions and potentially damaging your natural hair.
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