Blowdry Hair Extensions

Blowdrying long hair
Photo: Puhhha/Shutterstock
Q: Can I blowdry my hair extensions if they are real hair but I used the method of gluing?
A: You should be able to, but the real answer depends on the salon that performed the extension service and what their care instructions were.
In many cases there are specific care instructions and techniques that need to be observed with some adhesives and hair extension types. And some salons have specific products and procedures that they insist on if they are going to honor any "guarantee" of the extension service.
You would be best served by contacting the salon or stylist who did the extensions and asking him/her about the care and feeding of your extensions.
However, general care of most adhesive extensions are basically simple. You can blowdry the hair, but you must be gentle and use low-heat and/or a diffuser attachment.
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