Do It Yourself Hair Extensions

Applying hair extensions
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Q: I have very brittle and coarse hair that breaks very easily, how do I manage to make it grow beyond my shoulders? Do you have any DIY tips on how I can apply extensions and still get a natural look?
A: You need to begin by conditioning your hair daily using a protein-rich conditioner to add strength and moisture. Be sure to treat the hair very gently, keep your scalp clean and your hair conditioned and you should soon see an improvement in the rate of hair growth.
As for do-it-yourself tips on applying extensions, the answer is no. Applying hair extensions is not a process that you should ever attempt to perform by yourself.
Improperly executed extensions can lead to breakage and having hair pulled free from the scalp due to tension points on the scalp, depending on the methods of extension application you use. This is doubly problematic if you are already dealing with brittle hair that is prone to breakage.
Properly applying hair extensions requires extensive training to perform safely and to achieve natural-looking results. If you want to enhance your natural hair while it is growing, your best solution is to get an integration hairpiece (wig) that you can wear. The integration hairpiece allows you to pull your natural hair through the cap of the hairpiece and achieve a thicker, fuller-looking head of hair.
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