The Donato Collection

Feminine hairstyles
With 14 new hairstyles Donato celebrates the beauty of all types of women. His looks range from bold to flamboyant and always express feminine essence.
What makes this collection even more interesting is that each of the seven cuts is shown with two styling variations to demonstrate the versatility of hair made by Donato.
A more leisurely look and its glam version are highly sophisticated in their design and finish. All of them come with a sense of timelessness and a strong personality.

The Before and After Story

Versatile short haircut with layers
Who knew that short haircuts could be this versatile? The short layers in this adorable blonde pixie are finely textured in the tips which gives the look such a soft appearance. The hair is parted on the side and from around a high point on her crown it is styled into her face creating a long and playful fringe. Sides and back are refreshingly short.
Light blonde hair sparkles with platinum accents. This flattering look can take on a whole new persona with a new styling, you can see in the next image. Transformations are the spice of every haircut.

The Before and After Story 2

Evening look for short hair
Isn't it amazing how quickly your haircut can change? All you need is a little bit of styling experience and a good modeling and texturizing product. In this very sassy metamorphosis the hair on her sides was styled very close to the shape of her head by adding some wax or paste and combing it towards the back.
Her top hair is lifted heavily in its roots, which can be done by using a small round brush while blow drying. The strands are separated and fly off to one side ending in a wispy texture. This is a great evening look for short hair that emphasizes the rocker in you.

Dawn to Dusk - Day

Short to medium hair with huge curls
The famous wreath of curls is having a come back. It was famous in the 1970s and still has that charming combination of a sleek top which reaches the level of her eyebrows and from there on all gates are open and the drama can begin!
Her curls are huge in size and each single one of them is well-defined, springy and bouncing with delight. Very subtle highlights add another level of dimension to her dark brown hair.
This is the chic day version of the medium to short haircut, now go to the next picture and check out what can happen at night!

Dawn to Dusk - Night

Updo with invisibly pinned curls
The goddess of the night is ready to roam. Dressed in silk and fur she needs a glamorous hairstyle to be her most elegant self. Her hair sits tight around her head and the length is taken up to display its full beauty with myriad of luxurious curls. These are draped to new heights by pinning them invisibly, one by one, until the desired shape is reached.
As refined as this fabulous updo may look, it is actually quite easy to make. Fix it with a good hairspray and you can dance all night.

Sunlight to Moonlight - Day

Chest long blonde with blue hair
This first version presents her long hair in its purest form. A long and silky flow brushed out to utter smoothness falls all the way over her chest and deep into her back. The hair was parted on the side and layers were cut into it just around the bottom part.
The color of her hair reflects the name as it is a combination of a blonde, which seems to be made out of pure sunlight and a contrasting color of a light blue radiating the magic of moonlight. All brushed out and treated with an antifrizz it is as luxurious as can be. Now witness the transformation.

Sunlight to Moonlight - Night

Updo with curled blonde and blue hair
It is time to get that styling comb out and to start teasing. A combination of updo and wildly flowing, flying away lengths transforms her demure day look into a breathtaking creation of the night.
All of the hair was gathered on top of her head and free lengths defy gravity in a gloriously curled texture that seems to follow its own rules. The texture of the long strands is that of a logical smoke billowing around her head in shades of blonde and moonlight blue.

Sunrise to Sunset - Day

Cut to keep long hair with natural curl light
If you have natural curl in your hair, don't hold back. Allow it to show its full potential and to get there all you need is a great cut with layers throughout, which keep the hair light and allow this amazing texture to fully develop. There is an indication of a site part, however it is not pulled all the way through and only directs the fringe to be asymmetrical.
The long hair is styled to show off what nature gave her and the texture is seductively disheveled. If you think this cannot get any better, go on to the next hairstyle and find out what else this cut has in store.

Sunrise to Sunset - Night

Effortless and easy-going updo for curly hair
In its after-hours version the gorgeous long layered cut is modified to show off her pretty neck and the collar of her fancy jacket. The curly hair sits tight around her head, it was brought up and gathered on top with the ends hanging loose to add an effortless and easy-going, curlylicious crown.
A few strands were pulled out into her forehead. This little touch adds enormous charm and a sexy feminine air, but also some attitude.

Sunrise to Sunset 2 - Day

Long layered brunette hair with waves
The essence of luxury is captured in every single strand of this long layered hairstyle which oozes glamour and femininity from every follicle. A center part allows the hair to fall evenly to both sides and it distributes weight in a balanced fashion. Long waves and progressively stronger curls from top to bottom create movement and volume.
Her face is framed by this outburst of opulence but at the same time it is kept free and clear. The brunette hair color corresponds with the color of her eyes and makes her skin radiant.

Sunrise to Sunset 2 - Night

Hair up in a large bun wrapped by little braids
For a long evening out she wears her hair up in a large bun, which is wrapped by three little braids. This adorable feature can be created out of your own hair or with a little bit less effort some artificial braids in the same color as the hair can be used.
What is essential here is the high volume of the bun, so if your hair is either too short to give it enough mass or too thin, a foam insert can be used. Classy elegance that reflects her personality.

Sunup to Sundown - Day

Long hair with romantic appeal and glorious curls
Her fierce expression does not diminish the romantic appeal of her long hair with its glorious curls. From her center part down to the tips we are looking at a wild and beautiful mane made out of pure passion. Her over the shoulder length hair is as soft as a cloud made out of brunette and shiny tendrils.
With hair like this you know that you will own the scene and have many admirers. To help it along a curling iron comes in handy.

Sunup to Sundown - Night

Updo with the hair bundled in the back and with loose strands
Her evening look is less dominant and does not distract too much from her furry outfit. Still it does not lack any impact. Her hair was bundled in the back keeping the partition in the center. A great way to do this is to shape a little bun.
The main attraction of this up-style are the long and loosely falling strands that sway all round her face and neck and over her shoulders. The soft construction of this updo keeps its a little bit on the casual side, which makes it even more attractive.

Sunup to Sundown 2 - Day

Leisurely styled updo with loose curls
A great look for the sophisticated city girl with the nostalgic elegance that we all are craving these days. For her daytime look she chose a leisurely styled updo with enough curls to bring a little flamboyant touch into the office.
The length of the hair is styled to a bun in the back of her head and all of the eye candy comes with fun loose curls that are playfully arranged to fall into her forehead. Light an easy but with much finesse.

Sunup to Sundown 2 - Night

Ravishing long hairstyle for a night out
Simply ravishing. Statement jewelry and a glitzy outfit together with a hairstyle that reflects her relaxed mood take her out of her corporate state of mind and the corresponding look and get her ready for a night out in the city.
Softened with a smoothing lotion her long hair now falls as soft as heavy satin with the strands partially separated and styled out of her face. A little root volume on top gives this style a subtle drama.
Hair: Alexandra Dalla Via, Brian Jarvis & John Donato - Donato Salon + Spa
Make-up: Amy Beth Duclos, Chantell Samaroo, Michelle Emiliani & Sandra Yang
Photography: Kint Quon & Mori Lynn