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Sassoon Creative Team

Sassoon brings us an eclectic collection that pays homage to Art Nouveau and modernism with a big nod to Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. This eccentric and inspired line of new looks features organic and technical lines that are full of deep expression and a bold esthetic.
  • small curls
  • shaved eyebrows
  • dramatic short cut
  • purple fringe
  • quiff
  • slicked hair for men
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The hyper modernism inspired by an art revolution from a century ago enthralls with the innovative finesse and quality of design and performance that Sassoon has become famous for. L-shaped layering and reversed graduation are used to generate opposites. Abstract use of "geo-ganic" colors enhances the balanced oddities and sci-fi appeal of these intense styles.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team
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