Tim Hartley for Davines

Hair with a modern feel
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Tim Hartley brings us a collection of hairstyles that combine vintage pin-up girl sensibilities with a modern feel and styling. Taking elements from the 1920s, 1940s, and 1960s popular styles, we can see echoes of the sultry sirens of yesteryear reflected in these bold, stylish looks.
The collection showcases a bold use of color, and sleek styling balanced with softer elements of curls and texturing.

Short Razor-Cut Hairstyle

Short platinum blonde hair style
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but platinum blonde turns heads. And this asymmetrical bob is the perfect showcase for the near-white blonde with subtle, silver-threaded highlighting. This razor-cut hairstyle carefully follows the shape of the face and skull for a tailored, chic look.
The styling is smooth as glass and the finish is a luminous satin look. The chin-length fringe traces a gentle curve across the forehead and down and around the cheeks.

Modern Flappers Hairstyle

Modern flappers hairstyle
If the flappers had access to the products we have today, they might have made an even bigger splash than they did 80 years ago. This is an example of what might have been seen in those dance halls of yesteryear. This razor-cut crop closely follows the scalp and features long tendrils that trail down the face, accentuating the contours of the head and neck.
The horizontal fringe is highlighted by the application of bright red highlights in a targeted color design. The color starts as a solid mass along the edge of the fringe and flickers upward along the shafts of hair in fading trails toward the crown. This look would have been the favorite of any dance hall vamp.

Vintage-Inspired Hairstyle

Short vintage hairstyle
This vintage-inspired look simply screams 'Calendar Girl' and brings to mind the pin-up girls of the sixties. The cut is a chin length bob styled in a roller set to create full, satiny curls.
The sweep of the hair across the top of the head and the playful curls of the fringe falling into the face give the whole look a playfulness and demure quality. The hairstyle is at once sultry and innocent.

Super-Short Sides

Haircut with super short sides
The mod movement of the sixties never quite went so far as the gamine hairstyles of the modern age, but this attractive boyish haircut with the ultra-long forelock brings to mind those daring 'dos' of that era.
Super-short sides are cut to clipper-precise lengths, and the perimeter follows the natural hairline with the feminine patterning traditionally used in short women's cuts. The forelock/fringe is meant to act as a foil to the rest of the style, giving movement and some versatility to the look.
Hair: Tim Hartley for Davines
Colour: Brian Suhr for Davines
Makeup: Liz Pugh
Styling: Joseph Whittaker
Photographer: David Oldham
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