Inspiration for Short Hair (58)

Short hairstyles are all the rage and we can see why. Short hair can be more versatile than long hair and quicker to style. It can be a fun and sassy change. However, choosing one particular short haircut for yourself is not easy. Get inspired by these up-to-date short hair styles for your next salon visit!
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  • Very short easy to wear bob with layers
  • Short razor cut hair with graduation at the nape
  • Bob haircut with styling for a retro look
  • Short hair with platinum, purple and rose color contrasts
  • Chin length bob with curved edges and soft volume
  • Wispy short hairstyle with most of the ears covered
  • Short haircut with a longer smooth neck section
  • Short asymmetrical haircut with irregular edges and deconstructed bangs
  • Hairstyle with different hair lengths and short bangs
  • Blonde helmet shape haircut with a graduated back
  • Short blonde bowl cut hair with tilted bangs
  • Short neo-punk hairdo with bangs
  • Extravagant hairstyle with an upward flip
  • Short helmet shape hair with spiky wings
  • Very short blonde hair with buzzed sides and back
  • Short blonde hair with a purple traingle
  • Precise cut cap of hair that follows the head's shape
  • Extreme haircut with sleekness and very long sideburns
  • Pixie cut with clean lines and highlights
  • Feminine pixie haircut with exposed ears
  • Short haircut with full bangs for brown hair with highlights
  • Trendy boyish and mischievous haircut for women
  • Short blonde hair with feathering to create height
  • Sleek helmet shape hair with contrasting colors
  • Modified bob with gentle lift on the roots and long bangs
  • Short hairstyle with twisted bangs
  • Short two toned hair with curls and sleek bangs
  • Red bevel cut hair with a rounded fringe
  • Techno mod hairstyle with some undercutting
  • more short hairstyles

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