London SW3 by Sloans

London hair fashion
London has always been the epicenter of Ûber-cool fashion and hairstyles. This new collection by Sloans makes sure it keeps its reputation as avantgarde and trendsetting. Elements of the famous mod style and the sophistication that is synonymous with London is evident in every hairstyle of this graphic and sculptural group of inspiring looks.
Geometry with meticulously crafted angles and lines receives its feminine twists with fine curves, the occasional ornamental wave and soft texture. Colors are crisp and very 21st century metallic in platinum, silver, black steel and copper.
The clothes worn by the models mirror the spirit of the hairstyles with a nod to classic London looks of the 60s and beyond. Turtlenecks, high collars and the most exquisite fabrics underline the luxury character and timelessness of the hair design.

Futuristic Geometry

Short hair and an unfolded turtleneck
The highest precision was used to achieve this laser sharp edge. A short round hairstyle with a tight fit and not a single strand out of line makes a statement with the front dip of a sharp extension of the asymmetrical fringe that barely touches the base of her nose.
The side is dominated by the continuation of the straight line and also by the surprise of a low clipped undercut. With the highly polished platinum color contrasting her natural eyebrows a new work of timeless art is coming to life.
Long earrings bring more shimmer but also a little playfulness to the strictness of the composition. The unfolded turtleneck is a sign of more high collar trends to come and compliments the refined simplicity of the cut.

Wispy Short Hairstyle

Short hair and an unraveled turtleneck
The unraveled turtleneck elongates her neck, but the wispy wings on the side of her face bring it all back into balance. This short haircut is beyond modern and yet extremely wearable and easy to restyle at home.
The perfect cut includes soft texture on the sides, which are contrasted by the sharpness of the fringe with its short, blunt line and the creative wave leading to the hairline. A dark copper brings warmth to the character of this look.

Techno Mod Style

Techno mod hairstyle
A tiny little curve can have such an impact! The impeccable short hairstyle thrives from this small design element above her right eye. But that is not all that is spectacular about this look.
The dense, highly technical shape with the small undercut on the sides is postmodern art of hair that was born in a city of ultimate style, ancient history and the birthplace of some of the most exciting fashion movements of the last century. The high collar further promotes the clarity of her appearance.

Wavy Bob

Bob cut with an exaggerated wave
The exaggerated wave turns her simple bob into a luxury item worn like a precious watch or piece of jewelry. Its movement is intense as is the slick texture that flows like thick oil. In this well defined state it has an almost cartoonish character and nothing takes away from it, not her subtle make-up nor the pristine and simple collar.
Short shaven sideburns contribute an exciting masculine element, which then again is balanced out by the soft roundness of the body of her hair on the sides and in the back.

Layers and Steps Redefined

Silver hair cut in 3 steps
Masculine eyebrows and an out of the world creative haircut with a techno mod and punk vibe are the ingredients of a dramatic look that redefines the idea of avantgarde and the concept of layers.
The hair is cut in three steps - the long, elfish back, falling straight over the shoulders, a middle section cut in a sharp angle above ear level and the exact mini bangs, all further adorned by a softly spiked and rebellious section reaching from the center to the back.
This intricate poetry of hair is shimmering in a metallic dark silver tone, made for eternity.

The Future is Now

Slick short hair
This slick and sassy short hairdo is related to the famous mod styles and gives a big nod to the fashion forward 60s in swinging London.
Perfection all around it impresses with the purity of line from the long side fringe to the thrilling curve around her neck and corresponding peaks and points. Sharp and round are brought together in harmony in a deep and passionately red color.
Salon: Sloans
Hair Stylist: Scott Sloan
Creative Colorist: Jordan Hone
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Fashion Stylist: Clare Frith
Photographer: Jack Eames