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London SW3 by Sloans

  • short round hairstyle
  • wispy short hair
  • techno mod style
  • wavy bob
  • hair cut in different steps
  • slick short hair
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London has always been the epicenter of Ûber-cool fashion and hairstyles. This new collection by Sloans makes sure it keeps its reputation as avantgarde and trendsetting. Elements of the famous mod style and the sophistication that is synonymous with London is evident in every hairstyle of this graphic and sculptural group of inspiring looks.
Geometry with meticulously crafted angles and lines receives its feminine twists with fine curves, the occasional ornamental wave and soft texture. Colors are crisp and very 21st century metallic in platinum, silver, black steel and copper.
The clothes worn by the models mirror the spirit of the hairstyles with a nod to classic London looks of the 60s and beyond. Turtlenecks, high collars and the most exquisite fabrics underline the luxury character and timelessness of the hair design.
Salon: Sloans
Hair Stylist: Scott Sloan
Creative Colorist: Jordan Hone
Make-up: Maddie Austin
Fashion Stylist: Clare Frith
Photographer: Jack Eames