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Le Baiser (The Kiss)

Sassoon Creative Team

Haute Couture meets the burlesque. Grand style is designed to tease and tempt, to shock and to be adored. Created in the Sassoon tradition with the most refined cutting techniques and high quality of styling these works of art bring together a post-modern geometry with the fetish heat of cult icons like Betty Page.
  • two tone hair
  • bevel cut fringe
  • veil of hair
  • sci-fi hairdo
  • daring modern hairstyle
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The outrageous hairstyles boast bodacious curls placed atop smooth and controlled bases. Bold, thick bangs cut with sharp precision are juxtaposed with bedazzling movement.
Color is used to enhance and increase the high energy with shades of powder blue, periwinkle, peach and a cool oyster. Fuschia, persimmon and sea gray also help to kiss away the ghosts of dull hairstyles of the past.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team
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