Da Da Dolls by Sassoon

Hair by Sassoon
Almost one hundred years after Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco and Emmy Hennings founded the revolutionary Da Da movement and turned the International Art Scene upside down. Their ideas are still alive and literally turning heads, once again.
The incredibly creative team of the great house of Sassoon brings the bohemian revolution, the breaking off stiff standards and a celebration of the irrational and eccentric back into focus and gave birth to a line of edgy, artistic hairstyles inspired by the radical spirit of the Groupe DaDa.
Cuts follow sharp and distinct lines. Geometry, asymmetry and a mélange of basic, intense hair colors are the ingredients for these bold looks.

Composition in Two Tones

Hair with two different colors and an upward flip
Sleek panels appear as if cut by lasers and stir up the senses with their intense contrast of merlot red and black hair color. The back was cut with equal precision but is tapered to develop a curve when the hair is styled to this great upward flip.
A contrast full of momentous dynamic to the stable and solid front section. The angled, asymmetrical bangs fall deep in to the face and are anchored at a high pivot point on the crown.

Forth and Back

Short red hairstyle with spiky wings
A helmet shape cut is adorned with bold spiky wings. One pointing straight back, the other one shows the way in front. Rules are made to be broken, especially in art. The tools of expression here are the round and yet aggressive shape and the intense dark red color that make this art warrior a force that cannot be ignored.

Metallic Charge

Short blonde hair with the back tapered and styled upward
Platinum blonde is radical all by itself. Put into a short, distinct shape with a mix of sleek and furry textures it becomes explosive. The top section is anchored way in the back and follows the shape of the head until it ends in a long precise fringe.
To increase the tension, the back is tapered and styled upward where the textured ends perform a tiny whirlwind on the shiny surface.

Triangles Rule

Daring look for short blonde with purple hair
The basic round silhouette of the helmet like short cut is offset by two edgy elements. One purple triangle peeks out underneath a platinum blonde textured fringe and a second triangle was styled in the back on the left side by lifting a steep tapered cut.
Edges and curves, light and dark are the elements that bring the dreamlike abstraction to this daring look.

Rendezvous in Black

Short haircut with angled sideburns
Perfectly straight lines bring attention to the distinctly make-upped features and shape a square frame for an expressive face. A smooth but precise cap of hair follows the shape of the head until a laser sharp line draws the short bangs and angled sideburns.
The surprise comes as a rebellious strand of hair on the right side of the back that lifts itself out of the uniform shiny blackness and opposes the geometry.

Veiled Fit

Short hair with very long side burns
Tight sleekness radiates a metallic shimmer based on the deepest cave black. The exaggerated side burns are beyond androgynous but all is feminized by the semi transparent veil that allows just a peek of the precision shaped curve of the short fringe.
Electric boldness and beautiful finesse accompany the coolness of the color and cut for a statement of timeless, unlimited art.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Clothes Stylist: Tabitha Owen
Photography: Colin Roy
Color: Chromatology by Sassoon Professional
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