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Da Da Dolls

Sassoon Creative Team

Almost one hundred years after Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco and Emmy Hennings founded the revolutionary Da Da movement and turned the International Art Scene upside down, their ideas are still alive and literally turning heads - once again.
  • hair with an upward flip
  • hairstyle with spiky wings
  • short hair with the back tapered
  • daring look
  • angled sideburns
  • very long side burns
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The incredibly creative Team of the great house of Sassoon brings the bohemian revolution, the breaking off stiff standards and a celebration of the irrational and eccentric back into focus and gave birth to a line of edgy, artistic hairstyles inspired by the radical spirit of the Groupe DaDa.
Cuts follow sharp and distinct lines. Geometry, asymmetry and a mélange of basic, intense colors are the ingredients for these bold looks.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Clothes Stylist: Tabitha Owen
Photography: Colin Roy
Color: Chromatology by Sassoon Professional
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