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Sassoon Creative Team

De-Construction is the new word of the season in hair fashion. Styles that have more than one appearance dominate the scene. Sassoon picks up this trend in their spring / summer collection and plays with colors, shapes and refined cutting techniques to our hearts content.
  • modern short bob
  • short bob with movement
  • hairstyle with sweeping bangs
  • hairstyle with asymmetry
  • tidy short haircut
  • wild short hairstyle
  • haircut with a graduated back
  • short helmet haircut
  • short bowl cut
  • neo-punk haircut
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The cuts have the soul of a classic; however they are postmodern in their outer appearance and are full of surprises inside and underneath. Move them, shake them and you'll find new angles and incarnations each time you do.
Colors come in a mix of earthy and ethereal hues even combining opposites like purple and brown. It is applied in transitions, curves, arches and panels to achieve a range of dynamic effects which support the lines and character of each individual cut.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Photography: Colin Roy
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