Photos of Short Hairstyles (47)

Are you feeling the urge to cut your hair? Are you considering a long hair to short hair transformation? There's a short hairstyle to suit everyone! Whatever your face shape or hair texture. Get inspired by these photos of short hairstyles and consult with your hair stylist for additional input!
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  • Dynamic short hairstyle with layers and angled bangs
  • Short sultry hairdo with layers and wavy styling
  • Two-staged hairstyle with two different hair colors
  • Short 1940s haircut with a longer back and curls
  • 1940s vintage hairstyle with curls and smooth bangs
  • Androgynous short hair with masculine elements for women
  • Modern short haircut with an undercut
  • Shiny short hair with copper and berry colors
  • Sleek sixties inspired bob with hair that falls around the face
  • Asian bob hairstyle with sides that lengthen towards the face
  • Short haircut with jagged ends for Asian hair
  • Simple short and light hairstyle with layers
  • Short haircut with multiple hues and a shiny surface for modern women
  • Short hair with sharp partition lines and a mix of hair colors
  • Women's haircut with very short sides and back
  • Modern short haircut with raspy sides and spikes
  • Hairstyle with a lot of lift for shorthaired women
  • Hairdo with a mix of short and long hair
  • Sleek short hairstyle with bangs that touch the eyelashes
  • Structured bob with a mix of black and white hair
  • Punked up blonde pixie cut with pink streaks
  • Sleek short bob with casual styling
  • Blonde retro pixie with razor cut layers and bangs
  • Vintage pixie hairstyle with steeply tapered hair
  • Short blonde hairstyle with curved lines that surround the face
  • Short French bob cut with diagonal bangs and smooth styling
  • Punk hairstyle with short sides and spikes for women
  • Black chin length bob with a slight A-line
  • Bob with multiple hair lengths and jagged bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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