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Venus Style by LLONGUERAS

  • pixie with curls
  • multilength bob
  • rough look for short hair
  • shag
  • curled hair for men
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With Venus as his muse Llongueras created hairstyles that appeal to our senses and provide a bold powerful expression while they are surprisingly easy to wear. The effortlessness in every strand is beyond alluring.
Hair colors come in multiple shades and surround us glamorously with an intriguing halo of luminescence. Golden blondes and platinum highlights of shimmering smoke weave their web of seduction in irregular shapes with jagged edges.
Textures come with rough edges, partially razor cut, which are balanced by soft shapes and a feathery lightness. The influence of sexy 80s design is undeniable.
Hairstyles: LLONGUERAS
Photography: David Arnal